Monday, December 12, 2011


1st grade learned about texture with the help of illustrator, Eric Carle!
 Students created crazy mixed-up animals that had parts from many animals. Students looked at illustrations from The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle to help with their own creation.
 Like Eric Carle, students gave their animals texture by doing texture rubbings on tissue paper.
 After the textures were created, they traced the shapes from their animals onto the tissue paper.
 The shapes were cut out and glued to their drawing.
The picture was finished with some crayon textures as well!


 Students learned to make pinch pots by rolling a smooth ball of clay. To make a hole in the center students used their thumb!
 Students used their hands like a claw to pinch the clay to make the opening in the center bigger.
 Clay tools and other items were used to create textures and designs on their clay pot.
After the clay was dry students glazed them with their color of choice. After the kiln they looked like this....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Students chose  traditional designs and patterns from a variety of different countries and cultures to design their plates. They were able to chose from their own culture or one they wanted to learn more about.

 To start, students drew their design on a circle that was the same size as their plate.

 Students learned to roll a slab. To roll a slab a piece of clay must be rolled flat to the same thickness.

 The slab was pressed into a plastic plate mold  and the sides were trimmed with clay tools.

 The designs were carved into the clay with various tools.
After the plates were fired in the kiln one (bisque fired), students glazed them.  After glazing they were put in the kiln again.


This was one of the coolest projects! And they are so wonderful!!

Students began by drawing half of a creatures head on the fold to create a symmetrical picture. They added details such as eyes and cool designs. Students traced over the pencil lined with black crayon.

 To transfer their design to the other half of their paper, students folded the paper so the drawing was on the inside. The outside of the paper was rubbed with a hard object the transfer the crayon to the other half.

Students chose a pair of complementary color pastels to color their creatures.

 Students cut out the creatures. The nose was cut and taped up to create the opening for the mouth. A metallic piece of paper was added to the mouth opening.


 4th grade had so much fun creating Origami Frogs!! Student learned that following and reading directions and patience are the key to successful Origami.

 Many symbols appear in Origami directions and it is important to learn what the symbols mean. Precise folding is also important while creating Origami.

 Students added personal touches.

A jumping frog!!!


 Students began by sketching the still-life with white chalk on black paper.
 They made sure to add curved lines to help the pumpkin look real.

 Glue was added over the chalk lines. When the glue dried, it helped keep the shape of the pumpkins and gourds.

 Student used chalk pastels to color their artwork.

 Students were encouraged to use at least 2 colors on each object to help show the light and dark areas on the objects. They turned out beautifully!!!