Wednesday, April 6, 2011


After watching a video about Master Navajo weavers from Southwestern USA, students were eager to begin weaving with yarn.

To start weaving on their loom, students had to first add their warp yarns. These yarns run from top to bottom.

After these were on, they began weaving their weft yarns which run left to right. Students had to practice a plain weave for their first 2 color choices. This weave is just the basic over one under one pattern.

 After they got the hang of the basics, I showed them how to add beads, tie on loops and use other materials such as ribbon and raffia to weave.

When they were finished with their weaving they learned to take the weaving off the loom by cutting and tying, 2 at a time,  the warp strings at the bottom.

The loops at the top of the weaving can simply be slipped off of the notches. Students could trim their long weft yarns if desired or add beads to the fringes!


After watching a video about Vincent van Gogh, students chose one of the many van Gogh prints that I have in my art room to copy. They began by sketching with chalk on black paper.

After the sketch came the hard part- filling their paper with many tiny lines in the style of van Gogh!

They looked at the print very closely to pick out all of the colors that van Gogh used in his paintings.

All I can say is WOW! There were so many great interpretations of van Gogh's work!!! AWESOME JOB 4TH GRADE!!!

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 2nd grade students were very excited to do a lesson on the painting by Vincent van Gogh- most of the students already knew what it was called! We used the site GOOGLE ART PROJECT to view close up shots of the The Starry Night. They were really amazed to see the painting so close!

To get started the students began by drawing the moon, stars and the wind. Next they outlined the drawing with black Sharpie

Next students used oil pastels to color in the stars and moon.  Now it was time to add the wind and sky with van Gogh's signature tiny lines!
Bold sky's were created with liquid watercolor.

The bush, mountains and houses were drawn and cut out of a black piece of paper and embellished with silver Sharpies and Gel Markers.

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Students learned about PA artist Keith Haring. Keith Haring began as a graffiti artist in the subway stations of NYC. He created colorful figures in motion!

Students chose a pose and began the sketch on their

To make our figures bold we used fluorescent paint! We began by painting the inside of the figure. Students practiced holding and using the paint brush the best way to ensure a neat painting.

After students painted in the figure, they outlined their figure with black paint and added some action lines.

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