Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 3rd grade is learning about color and pattern! They learned that a Tint is any color plus white. Also, they were learning more about painting and how to correctly use and clean a paintbrush.
 Students began the project by making a circle design on their paper by tracing various lids. They were encouraged to overlap their circles and let some of them go off the page for a more pleasing composition.
 Next, students chose a tint and carefully painted in the background or negative space. They learned that the negative space is the area around the object or subject in a painting.

After the negative space was dry, students were able to begin mixing their own tints. They learned that you should always start with the lightest color first when mixing paint! They painted their circles or the positive space with the tints that they mixed on disposable palettes. 

 Students finished by adding patterns with crayons!

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