Monday, January 31, 2011


I saw this lesson online somewhere and loved how these liquid watercolor paintings looked when finished!

The students started with a piece of rice paper. They tore the rice paper into 5-6 pieces. After they had their pieces, liquid watercolor was painted on each piece. I encouraged them to make each piece look different. They also were careful not to mix colors that would result in muddy, brown colors- they were to create vibrantly colored pieces.

                        What is so cool about the rice paper is that the paper has fibers in it that allow the liquid watercolor to bleed or as the students said "The watercolor grows!" They were amazed by this!

After the watercolor pieces were dry, they picked a background color to glue their pieces to. They overlapped their pieces to create a unified composition.

When all pieces were glued on they added line designs to their picture with black Sharpie.

The last step was to add glitter!!! What 1st grader doesn't love glitter!! It also added a beautiful effect to their awesome artwork!!

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