Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Students began the lesson by choosing their design pieces/ideas from a handout packet of common Native American symbols and pictures. They drew their idea on a circle that was the same size as their plastic plate mold. Considerations for colors were also thought about for this step. Earth colors were used as color choices.

                      During the next class, students used the slab method to roll out a flat piece of clay that was the same thickness using a rolling pin. After they rolled out their slab, they needed to make sure that the slab was big enough to press into and cover the plate mold.

The next step was to carefully press the clay into a
plastic plate mold and trim the excess clay from the edges.
The  students used various clay tools to draw/carve 
their design into the clay plate.

 On the 3rd class after the plates were bisque fired to make them stronger and less likely to break, the students glazed their plates.

 Here are a few of the finished plates!

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