Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3rd Grade 3D Paper Pattern Sculptures

Students began by drawing 3 large single digit numbers that touched each other and could go off the edge of the paper. These lines that touched created various shapes. The students created different patterns in each one of the shapes using black Sharpie markers.

After the patterns were finished, students flipped over their paper and painted the entire back of it with black paint.

After the paint was dry, the students cut on their original single digit number lines to create many different pattern pieces to work with.

They created bases by wrapping foil around a cardboard base. After the base was made they attached their pieces to the base using staplers and Tacky glue. They were encouraged to twist, fold and curl their pieces to create an interesting sculpture. Attention was paid to showing equal amounts of the black/pattern sides so the viewer could see it from the outside.

Ta-da!!! They turned out awesome & the students had so much fun creating!

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  1. This is an interesting project. Thanks for sharing!

    Kate Eshelman