Monday, January 24, 2011


Being new to the 4th -6th grade building, I wanted to make sure that my 4th graders knew all the basics about painting.
I decided to do this project to review the proper way to paint: holding the brush, brush strokes, when to use water, cleaning the brush between colors and how to best stay inside the area you are painting.

I wanted to do a simple composition where the students could focus on their painting skills. I chose to look at artist Wassily Kandisnky for inspiration because his artwork often is made up of simple shapes and lines. Students created their compositions by drawing 1 circle and then drawing 5 different types of lines. The line that intersected created interesting shapes for the students to paint inside.


                      Students were learning about color as well and had to choose to use warm colors (red, yellow, orange) or cool colors (blue, green, violet). Using fluorescent paint just added to the fun!!

The students really did well with remembering all the skills and techniques to create fabulous  paintings!

After the paint was dry they picked a paper for a frame that was from the opposite color group as their paint to create interest! I only have 1 to show so far, but I will be adding more!

To learn more about Wassily Kandinsky visit:

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