Monday, January 31, 2011


For this lesson, students were learning about sculptor George Segal. Segal is well-known for his plaster sculptures of people. The process he used is called plaster casting, which is similar to getting a cast when you break a bone. The result of this process is an exact replicas of real live models. The students were amazed that the models were covered in plaster- clothing and all!! We also discussed that Segal's sculptures were always left white and they were in a setting which included some props.

Students had many creative ideas for their sculptures and were eager to get started. They began by creating their figure out of white Model Magic. They used their fingers to create the shapes need for a head, body, arms and legs.

After the figure was created, they used Tacky Glue to glue it to a base.

They also were thinking of a setting for their figure as they sculpted it. Students were given materials such as pattern paper, tissue paper, plastic coated wire, pipe cleaners, yarn, and random do-dads to create their settings.

             Markers also work well to add color to Model Magic!

Students were allowed to make animal friends with any extra Model Magic that they had.

 Here is one doing Yoga!

This guy is hanging out with his animals!
A relaxing day at the beach for this guy!

And this little guy is toasting marshmellows over a fire while talking on his cell phone!

To learn more about George Segal visit:

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