Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Students began with 3 pipe cleaners- 1 for
the head and body, 
1 for the arms/hands, and 1 for the legs/feet. 
This was their base form to work with.
Next, students wrapped their form with foil. We studied various Giacometti photos before the lesson so the students knew to make long, slender bodies.

After the foil was on the students put their body into a pose. The body was then hot glued to a base. They noticed during the intro that  Giacometti's sculptures were on a base and that they seemed to be in motion or show movement

A varnish was painted on the sculpture to keep the foil from coming loose and to help their creations stand up!

Yep! Animals too!

 I love how these turned out! Students really got creative and many personalities came out in their sculptures!

To learn more about Alberto Giacometti visit : http://albertogiacomettisculpture.com/

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